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Secret Window

3 3/4 stars

Some windows should never be opened.

Famed mystery writer, Mort Rainey (Depp) is confronted by a mysterious stranger outside his house. This stranger calls himself John Shooter (Turturro) and claims that Mort has stolen an idea for a story from him. Mort says he can prove he wrote his first, but whilst Mort waits for the evidence to appear, Shooter starts to become more and more violent. (Source: IMDB)

Starring: Johnny Depp
Released: 2004

Megan's Movie Review:

I also really liked this movie a lot. It was a good thriller! Johnny Depp is great and I loved the twist in this movie. *Spoiler* I never expected him to be crazy and insane. And it is totally gross how he ate the corn after he buried them outside in his 'secret garden' through the 'secret window'. But apparently, I have never read the book, but I was told by my mother who has read the book, that in the end he actually gets caught in the end and his ex-wife doesn't die. What I find interesting is this movie was about 'changing the ending' of the book, so they changed the ending of the movie. Cool huh? I like, this movie, and maybe I'm crazy too but it's good.

Any of you crazies like me?

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