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Clash of the Titans

2 3/4 stars
The clash begins on 2.24.10

Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton
Released: 2010

Megan's Movie Review:
I was really looking forward to this movie until I heard from some friends on Facebook that it was dumb. My husband saw this movie before I did and he said he really liked it. So.. I watched this with an open mind, and I thought it was way too corny. It just seemed like they tried to hard to make this movie look soo cool and mind-blowing. (It wasn't). It also just jumped from random thing, to random thing. It went too fast and never seemed to slow down. Sometimes you want the movie to slow down for a bit, but it was problem after problem. Gemma Arterton really bothered me too. She seemed too overly dramatic in her acting. It could've been cool. Maybe I would like it more if I watched it again. Sometimes that happens to me where I don't like the movie at first and watch it the second time, and I don't understand why I disliked it so much in the beginning. I really like Sam Worthington but this movie was dumb. I am surprised I didn't like this movie though because this seems to be right up my alley of movies that I like.

Any Clash of the Titans fans? or no fans?

3 Movie Review Comments:

lindsay said...

I liked it! and me and mike are big fans of gemma! she is just so beautiful. have you seen prince of persia yet? she's in that movie. and we loved that movie. we saw it 3 times

Anonymous said...

Your tripping! Sam worthington is a horrible actor.
and gemma is hot esp in the prince of persia!
But I agree with the rating there was something about the movie that just didnt work

Scott said...

I think this movie deserves a higher rating but that is just my opinion. I liked it. It was an enjoyable movie