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Dear John

While John is on leave in his hometown, he finds Savannah, a college student visiting the town. Although love was unexpected, it doesn't mean they didn't find it. With the knowledge of John having to leave for the army, their love still lives, until his re-signs on due to the 9/11 attack. Troubles invade and their love put on hold. One cannot bear it anymore; can the other? (Source: IMDB)

Starring: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried
Released: 2010

Megan's Movie Review:
I was so disappointed with this movie!!!!!! This is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks and I have never read it but I should've known it was going to be sad. This could've been a good movie (3 1/2 stars, maybe) up until the end and when you find out what happened. At the very beginning of the movie John gets shot and is thinking about coins and goes into detail about why he was remembering them. Then he says the last thing he thought about was 'you'. I assumed, and as I'm sure most people did, that it was about the girl that we would soon get to know in the movie. Come to find out, it is about his dad who has Asperger's and he never had a good relationship with him. Then in the middle of the movie, his dad has a stroke and ends up dying, but before he dies, John read this letter to him. He tells his dad what he thought about when he was shot and that was coins, and the last thing he thought about was his dad. That was the only part I liked in the movie, because he finally understood why his father was the way he was, and he loved him, and he told him that he loved him. Now, between John and Savannah, it could've been a really good love story! But because they were separated for so long, she ends up finding another guy and gets married to him. It's not who you would expect, and I definitely don't think she should've married him and I thought her reasoning was dumb. It was more like she pitied him and married this man. Stupid... The guy she married was ugly and old. John was perfect for her and he loved her more than anything. He would've waited for her. Poor John... Also (sorry I know I've blabbed a lot on this movie), the man she ends up marrying dies in the end, and John and Savannah see each other a few years later. That's where the movie ends. So you don't know if they end up together in the future. Its just left with them seeing each other and hugging and that's it! What kind of ending is that?!

2 1/2 stars
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