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Urban Cowboy

Bud Davis is a country boy who moves to the city to visit his uncle. He starts hanging out at Gilley's, owned by Mickey Gilley himself. He takes a job at the refinery where his uncle works. He also meets Sissy, a cowgirl, and they fall in love and suddenly get married. And then their marriage is shattered when Bud sees Sissy allegedly seeing con man Wes, who teaches her how to ride the mechanical bull...and plans to rob Gilley's. When a bull-riding contest is announced, Bud decides to sign up. Can he win the contest and save his marriage to Sissy? (Source: IMDB) 

Starring: John Travolta
Released: 1980

Megan's Movie Review:
My husband and I watched part of this on tv and wanted to rent it from our Netflix to find out what happens next. It wasn't that great of a story when we saw the whole thing. I did not appreciate the fact that they really hardly knew each other and got married. He also hit her while they were dating and she still ended up marrying him. Then one week into their marriage, they have issues and fights, and he hits her again, so they split up and go get with other people to make each other jealous. They both cheat on one another... Then they end up getting back together in the end after months of being separated. It was rather stupid.

Movie Rating:
1 star
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