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Planet 51

Lem is just an average teenager working on getting the girl and furthering his career at the local planetarium - except that he's an alien. At least to U.S. astronaut Captain Charles T. Baker who lands on Lem's planet hoping for a quick flag plant and a hasty return to earth and his millions of screaming fans. But on this alien planet the media has tagged spacemen as brain-eating, zombie-creating monsters, causing Baker to run for his life and into Lem's house. Now it's up to the green native to get the clumsy astronaut back to his spaceship before military dictator General Grawl and mad scientist Professor Kipple manage to exterminate the Earthly visitor. (Source: IMDB)

Starring: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Gary Oldman, Seann William Scott, John Cleese
Released: 2009

Megan's Movie Review:
Another fun family film! It was pretty funny and my favorite character was Rover who was just the NASA probe. He was so cute! It had a good moral to the story and I would definitely think kids would be entertained by this movie. This would be a good movie to sit down with your family and watch for some family time. I have come to like Dwayne Johnson more and more in movies. He might not be the greatest actor but whenever I see him in an upcoming movie, I look forward to it. I think he is pretty funny and he played the human really well. It's worth a watch!

My Movie Rating:
3.5 stars
Who agrees with me? :)

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Planet 51 Movie said...

Planet 51 is kids animated movie. I found this movie to be very enjoyable and I loved seeing it. I am going to buy DVD for it so that can see it whenever I want.