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Old Dogs

Robin Williams and John Travolta team up in a family comedy by Walt Disney. It is about two best friends (who are also very successful business men) whose lives get thrown into disarray when they get twin seven-year olds put into their care.

Starring: John Travolta, Robin Williams

Megan's Movie Review:
Walt Disney always does a good job on making family movies. This movie was definitely for families and enjoyable for kids of all ages. Even adults can like this and find some good humor. Robin Williams is getting older but he still is pretty funny. I admire John Travolta for his amazing acting. He can act many different roles such as being a very evil guy or a funny family man. One of my favorite parts of this movie (it's pretty short but hilarious) is when John Travolta gets attacked by the penguins at the zoo. "KILLER PENGUINS!!!"

I rate this movie:
3 stars
It's not the greatest movie ever, nor is it the most awful movie. It is average but still worth a watch.
What do you think?

2 Movie Review Comments:

Amber said...

Just watched it the other night with Tanner and Morgan! I thought it was pretty good. I also enjoyed the penguin scene. They was a few really funny parts. I'd get it a 3 also.

Old Dogs Online said...

I recommend this movie if you need a lift. Could have been better, but then so could a lot of movies. It's rated PG, so unlike so many movies today, you can watch it with your kids and your Grandmother.